2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Light Sweet Crude: $45.89 (-1.37)
2015-10-21: WRTG: ICE Brent: $48.61 (-1.85)
2015-10-21: WRTG: RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor: $1.2514 (-0.0766)
2015-10-21: WRTG: Heating Oil NY Harbor: $1.4491 (-0.0475)
2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Natural Gas: $2.442 (0.012)
2016-02-11: OPEC: Daily Basket Price: $25.21
Jum'at, 27 April 2018



The Amendment for POD I

JAKARTA – Following up the President’s decision to develop Masela Block onshore, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Sudirman Said took three strategic steps. First, is by sending letter to  Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) to request investors to review the amendment proposal of Plan of Development (POD) I. Second, SKK Migas communicates with investors to explain the government decision including communicate with the Governor, the Regent, and also the Stakeholders in Project Area (Maluku) in order to understand and support the government decision. Third is by assigning SKK Migas to firmly supervise the review process of POD amendment proposal to avoid the delay of the Final Investment Decision (FID).

“We will send letters to SKK Migas to quickly response the amendment proposal for POD I. We will ask SKK Migas to give back the amendment proposal for POD I and review the proposal based on onshore method as being decided by the President,” explained Sudirman.

The Minister Sudirman also affirmed that in accordance with his authority, he is going to sign the decision as long as the investors have conducted the amendment fulfilling all the needed requirements. “The same process applies, contractors will propose to SKK Migas and SKK Migas will give recommendation to the Ministry of EMR. If all the needed requirements have been met, then I will sign it because it is the authority of the Minister of EMR,” confirmed Sudirman Said.

Masela Project is developed by Japan contractor, Inpex Masela Ltd who also the operator of the block by having the interest for 65% and Shell Corporation by having 35% of the interest. Inpex has right to explore Masela Block through the signing of PSC Masela Contract in November 16th, 1998. Since the signing, INPEX Masela Ltd has explored hydrocarbon in Masela Block.

The initial reserves of Masela Block was 6,97 TCF and new reserves was found in 2013. So the amount reserves after being certified by the Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas Technology “LEMIGAS” increase to 10, 73 TCF. It becomes the basis of FID determination scheduled by 2018, that is why we need to have amendment approval for POD I. (AK)