2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Light Sweet Crude: $45.89 (-1.37)
2015-10-21: WRTG: ICE Brent: $48.61 (-1.85)
2015-10-21: WRTG: RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor: $1.2514 (-0.0766)
2015-10-21: WRTG: Heating Oil NY Harbor: $1.4491 (-0.0475)
2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Natural Gas: $2.442 (0.012)
2016-02-11: OPEC: Daily Basket Price: $25.21
Jum'at, 27 April 2018



Bali will Immediately Use Natural Gas

DENPASAR – Generators, tourism industries, and citizens of Bali will immediately enjoy clean and environmentally friendly fuels in form of natural gas. The long waiting period of Bali Province to have natural gas power plants will soon end by the signing of Gas Purchase Agreement between PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT PLN (Persero) in Pesanggaran Gas Diesel Power Plant (PLDG), Denpasar, Bali on Friday (4/1).

The Director General of Oil and Gas Ministry of EMR, IGN Wiratmaja Puja explained that LNG is sent from Bontang and Sengkang to Benoa Harbor and will be regasified to gas and then distributed through the pipelines to the customers. “The gas distribution to Bali is the first because along this time, tourism industries and power plants in Bali consume oil fuels. Although having PLDG in both Pesanggaran and Gilimanuk, but having no gas,” explained Wiratmaja.

Wiratmaja also predicted that gas will start distributing Bali after the signing of Gas Purchase Agreement around April 12th – 14th , 2016. “After the signing of the agreement, the gas would have arrived by 12th or 14th April 2016 and started operating by the volume of 40 mmscfd or about 35 cargos for generators, while the remaining volume will be used for tourism industries used to consume diesel oil as fuel,” affirmed Wiratmaja.

Bali Province is improving in making all the areas using clean and environmentally friendly energy. The natural gas consumption as fuel is part of the implementation. Most of power plants in Bali are using oil fuels as the energy resources and gradually will be replaced by gas fuel. (AK)