2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Light Sweet Crude: $45.89 (-1.37)
2015-10-21: WRTG: ICE Brent: $48.61 (-1.85)
2015-10-21: WRTG: RBOB Gasoline NY Harbor: $1.2514 (-0.0766)
2015-10-21: WRTG: Heating Oil NY Harbor: $1.4491 (-0.0475)
2015-10-21: WRTG: NYMEX Natural Gas: $2.442 (0.012)
2016-02-11: OPEC: Daily Basket Price: $25.21
Sabtu, 24 Maret 2018

Renewable Energy

The Government will Develop 8.800 MW from New Renewable Energy

MOROTAI – The Government is committed to avoid the consumption of oil fuels (BBM) for power plant. 35.000 MW Program is targeted to produce new renewable-based power plant for 8.800 MW.

“The Government is committed and realizing the electricity supply for 35.000 MW and 25% of the target will be from new renewable energy for 8.800 MW,” said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said when giving report in the inauguration of New Renewable Energy-based Infrastructure Projects in East Indonesia, Tuesday (4/5).

The renewable energy power plants will consist of 4.000 MW from solar energy, 1.000 MW from bioenergy, including waste energy, 1.500 MW from geothermal energy, 1.800 MW from hydro energy, and 500 MW from wind energy.

Sudirman also explained that New Renewable Energy (NRE) utilization in significantly completing the 35.000 MW Program will be implemented in three special approaches: hastening energy diversification to reach energy mix target for 23% of RNE by 2025, converting from diesel engine power plant to renewable energy, and last constructing additional existing power plants including hastening the electricity infrastructure development in islands, outermost, and isolated areas.

Supplying electricity in rural areas becomes a challenging effort because the underdeveloped villages are geographically far and remote. One of the way in supplying electricity for those villages is by utilizing local renewable energy resources such as solar energy, hydro, wind, biomass, or even sea current energy. By utilizing the local energies, the development of power grid and transmission could locally be built; village-based or island-based. So, it will enable the local citizens to independently supply and prepare the energy for their own villages. (AK)